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The Beginning
Ella Couture Beauty, Style and Image Consultancy has been founded by Ella Z. who started her career in the beauty and retail industry working for world renown brands, companies and stores, there after providing her services to privet clients, VIPs and celebrities.
With a top London degree in International Business and extensive years of experience as a fashion consultant with LVMH, New York Catwalk Make-Up Artist to Beauty Consultant at Harrods, Ella saw the need for a holistic service that women need, to help them achieve better confidence with there appearance and use the correct beauty products and fashion items that are out there.
As a firm believer that beauty is more than just a reflection in the mirror, Ella has committed herself to making you feel better from the inside and how you look in your minds eye, by founding Ella Couture which is a beauty style and image consulting service.
The Achievement
Ella serves the professional entertainment, fashion and media industries throughout the UK, USA and the Middle East, and also provides her beauty consulting style and image advice service to privet personal clients.
With hands-on experience providing state-of-the-art makeup artistry, style consultancy and image enhancing advice using her experience in working with celebrities and runway models, now Ella prides herself on delivering the best recommended and tried products for you to use on privet clients all around the world.
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Ella Zaza

Beauty & Image Consultant

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Award winning professional makeup artist specializing in concealing your age, bridle makeup service, everyday and photographic makeup.


The best style consultation with a leading personal stylist, advising you on all aspects of personal impact and appearance.


Get the best recommended advise about all the beauty products and procedures, and enhance your personal appearance to prefect.


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