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Where Can I Get False Eyelashes Professionally Applied

Where Can I Get False Eyelashes Professionally Applied

Keep scrolling to find out Where Can You Get False Eyelashes Professionally Applied for a flawless look!

But the question is; Where Can You Get False Eyelashes Professionally Applied?
For a sexy flutter look or more volume and length or what ever look you are after there is a lash style for you and your face.
Take it from me and anyone with an eye for eyelashes, they are here to stay, but with chic new lash salons popping up across the United Kingdom and lash technicians offering their service at the comfort of your own home.
It has never been easier to achieve a gorgeous lash look using synthetic and silk hairs that approximately last four weeks or more depending on the type and brand. The idea is to look like you are not wearing false lashes and mimic your own eyelashes only prettier.
Where To Get Fake lash Extensions

Where Can I Get False Eyelashes Professionally Applied

The real answer to having eyelash extensions done is finding the right professional certified place that works for you. From London to all the way to Manchester City and Yorkshire, there are an assortment of under the radar yet exceptional eyelash extension salons.

Want to know where to go to get professional false lashes applied?

Luckily for you, I am going to let you in on the industry’s best-kept secrets to incredible lashes and how to find the best lash extension technician.

When getting lash extensions applied there are definitely many options on where to go to get them done. You must find the best salons that specialise in extensions and not offer the whole beauty wack!

You must always remember that budget, experience of the technician and the desired look will all factor into your decision on where to go no matter how well the lash salon is know.

Here is a guide and options you have to choose from and the pros and cons of each type of establishment.

Points to Look Out For When Choosing Beauty Salons That Do Eyelash Extensions and Where Can You Get Your Eyelashes Done Professionally

The best and usually most successful way to finding your lash technician is by word of mouth and a little investigating, but remember what worked for others might not always work for you!

So search for artist and technicians in your area and then go to their website or even give them a call to figure out the following qualifying questions:

  • Are they certified to do eyelash extensions?

  • From where (and then google the certifying company)?

  • How long have they been doing eyelash extensions?

  • Are they volume trained?

  • Do they make continuing education a priority?

  • Is their price point reasonable for your wallet to be able to maintain your lashes every 2-4 weeks?

  • How hard is it to book an appointment? (Are they booked out months in advance making it difficult to schedule?)

  • Do their business hours work with your schedule?

  • Do they have their lash work posted somewhere you can look at?

  • Do they offer a no-obligation free consultation for you to come in for an individual lash needs?

  • What other services do they offer? (I personally prefer a technician that focuses on lashes and brows and not one that dose nails, waxing, massage facials ect. as then she would not be highly skilled in her work)

These are great qualifying questions for any lash artist/technician.

Remember that you want to make sure you feel comfortable with their level of knowledge and skill and that she will work with you to achieve your desired look plus listens and understand what you want.

I must mention this….

some girls lashes may look amazing and totally lash glamours, however; everyone’s natural lashes are different and you may not get the same result as your friend or the gorgeous pictures you saw!

Your lash artist’s job is to be realistic with you as to what is suitable and sustainable long term for your natural lashes and complimenting your unique beauty features and eye shape!

Choosing The Right Place To Get False Eyelashes Professionally Applied

Nail Salons

Pros: This is the cheapest place to get your lashes done if they offer it, and probably the most convenient as most nail salons take walk-ins.

Cons: These type of salons are  the bottom of the barrel when it come to extensions. They are cheap and usually because they cut corners (like they do with nails) of-course not all of them. Here is a video from Toni Gomez as an example.

They also may try and pass off clusters or lash flares as individual lashes.  To be honest, I have never seen quality work from a nail salon as also their lash technician if they have one is always changing and she probably dose everything else as well!


Pros: Great deal on price and probably the best offer you will find for lash treatments.

Cons: Why are they discounting, just ask your self that question?

Salons offering a Groupon/Living Social are discounting for a reason!

Maybe they are new and looking to build clientele but if they have the support of a well known established brand they would not need to Groupon their lashes.

Beauty Bar / Hair Salon

Pros: Definitely a level above Groupon and nail salons, reasonably priced and may have many technicians working there.

Cons: Specialisation VS general practice!

If a salon offers nails, massage, hair services, spa services, waxing, makeup and lashes, then what is their specialty I wonder?

Know I am not saying they can not be great – in fact I offer a couple of other services here at EllaCouture.  But from experience, they have limited knowledge and the technician dose other bits around the salon instead of focusing on what she dose best.

Think of it this way; if you were going to have brain surgery (God forbid) would you see a General practitioner or a neurosurgeon?

Lash Bar / Lash Studio / Lash Salon

Pros: The gold standard for  your extensions based on quality, skill and experience.  They can be small or large, solo-practitioners or mobile.

These are the salons that specialise in lashes and perform the service all day, everyday.  The skill and the service quality you will experience here will generally surpass all others places 90% of the time.

Most of these lash salons will have extensive training on lash application techniques plus experience, and can carry the right certifications from known recommended lash companies.

They continue their training and education frequently by attending training seminars and updated courses, lash summits and industry conventions.

Cons: Premium price but remember, you get what you pay for!


Last Words

Because of the sensitive nature of lashes and the surrounding area, finding someone who is certified, skilled and experienced to apply lash extensions is definitely an important factor in your search.

Professionals use professional products and have been properly trained to apply the lashes without damaging your natural lashes or more importantly your eyes.

Look at before and after photos, read reviews and always make sure they are licensed and lash-certified.

For any further questions on lashes or lash artists, feel free to send me an email!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what ever you have about lashes ella@ellacouture.co.uk

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