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Best Eyebrow Beauty Tips

Best Eyebrow Beauty Tips

OK; I am sharing with you the Best Eyebrow Beauty Tips you will ever need to know, from my experience as a Brow Master.

These thirty one brow care tips will set you on your way whether you are a beginner or know some stuff about keeping your brows neat and looking great.

Your brow beauty care list includes:

  • How to shape your brows
  • Defining your brows
  • Keeping them natural
  • Enhancing your brows
  • How to measure your brows
  • Best brow tools to use
  • What shape to go for
  • How to choose colours that suit your brows and hair  colour
  • What to do if you have grey hair or other brow hair colours
  • and much more…

Top 31 Best Eyebrow Beauty Care Tips

Shapely Brows

To determine exactly where your brows should begin, imagine a vertical line or hold a makeup pencil straight alongside one nostril. Then where the pencil lands by your brow is where your eyebrow should begin.

To work out when your brow should end, imagine a line from the outside of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye, extending out to your brow.

Thread It Away

Threading is a form of hair removal, were a small thin thread is used which is twisted around the eyebrow hairs to pull them out from the root. It is recommended when doing eyebrow shaping because it’s less painful and not as harsh on the delicate skin than hot waxes.

Define With a Pencil

Pencils give the cleanest and most precise definition, but beware of drawing long lines. Instead use light, feathery strokes to mimic hair growth.

Go To a Professional

Take the easy route to perfect eyebrows by having your brows shaped by a brow beautician the first time you try re-shaping. All you then have to do is keep to the lines that she has created for you, which takes much less time and risk.

Divide By Three

For the best shape, possible, think geometrically, as if the brow is divided into four sections along the length of your eye. The first two should head upward and the outer quarter should slant down.

Brush Those Brows

An old toothbrush is excellent for brushing your brows after penciling in, if you do not want to buy an eyebrow brush. Not only will it smooth down hairs, but it will also soften pencil lines, leaving them looking more natural.

Keep Brows in Line

If you want your eyebrows to stay in place, add a coat of clear mascara or a little hairspray on the eyebrow groomer before brushing to the desired shape.

Comb Them Up

Comb your brows upwards before plucking or colouring in to make sure you preserve the natural brow-line. If your brows are very thick or long, trim the hairs that extend above the upper line of the arch.

Powder It Right

eyebrow powder should be one to two shades lighter than your hair colour. A matching colour to your hair can look overpowering on the face and anything much darker is just too severe.

Keep It Sharp

Sharpen your eyebrows pencil before every application to make sure you keep the high definition look you are after. You can always blend if lines are too sharp.

Catch The Highlights

To make your brows appear higher ad more defined, apply some highlighting powder or cream under the middle to outer edge of the eyebrow, which will add fullness to the eye area.

Go Grey Gracefully

If you have grey, white or salt and pepper hair, charcoal or slate grey are good shades to choose for your brows, because they will look natural and still give the definition you are after.

Keep Tweezers Handy

Keep tweezers by the mirror for a daily tidy-up, plucking out just a few hairs as and when they appear. This will not only mean you stay looking tidy, but will also stop over-plucking and help you to keep your eyebrows shape and tidy.

Join The Brownies

If you have red hair and eyebrows, and want to colour them to give more emphasis to your face, beware of going too dark. Choose browns with deep red undertones instead, to blend with your hair.

Brown Is The New Black

If you are a brunettes, apart from those of you with really dark hair, black can appear too harsh for the eyebrows. Instead choose a dark brown pencil, which will blend in more naturally.

Choose Light Brown If Your a Blonde

If you have light hair and light skin, select light brown or taupe shades for eyebrows. These will contrast well with your skin without appearing too dark.

Get Sheen With Vaseline

Tame wayward eyebrow hairs with a tiny amount of brow fixative or Vaseline after you have applied your brow colour. This will give them a bit of added shine as well as holding them in place.

Powder and Peak

Powder gives a soft effect and needs minimal blending. To heighten the arch, apply an extra bit of colour at the highest peak to make it stand out.

Pluck Before Bed

To avoid letting the whole world know you pluck your eyebrows, pluck them the last thing at night so that the redness will have gone by the morning. Also after a bah or shower, when the skin is moist and pores are open, is the best time to pluck as well.

Keep Them High

Never draw brows downwards at the ends, as this can have the effect of lowering your eyes and making them appear droopy. Instead, aim for a floating winged effect to lift the face.

Avoid a Close Shave

Never shave your eyebrows, as it is hard to control and is likely to drag the skin, causing wrinkles. It also encourages hair to grow back blunt, which can bring attention to re-growth.

Magnify To Beauty

To get the best view of your brows for an even plucking, invest in a magnifying mirror and make sure the light falls evenly on both sides of your face to avoid uneven shapes caused by shadowing.

Get Below

Always pluck hairs from underneath the brow. Grasp hair as close to the root as possible and pull the hair out towards the temple in quick, firm strokes.

Enhance Your Arches

If you have a natural arch, work with it rather than creating a new one. If you need to create and arch, look into your eyes; the top arch of your eyebrow should fall directly above the outside of your iris for eye-opening results.

Colouring In

If you want to reshape your eyebrows but you are worried about making a mistake, try to fill in the area you want to preserve using an eyebrow pencil and pluck outside the edges. This way you won’t over-[pluck and you can prefect the shape first.

Keep It Natural

Never draw a brow-line above the natural one, it will look false and give you an unnaturally surprised look. Instead work with your natural lines and if necessary use a highlighter underneath to give brows a lift.

Get a Professional Shade

If you want to permanently darken brows, visit a professional, who will be able to match up your shade perfectly for the most flattering results.

Nose First

When plucking and shaping eyebrows, start at the inner edge and around the bridge of the nose. Form a gentle, tapered round edge rather than a straight one.

Take The Tint

Eyebrows should frame your face and eyes but they may struggle to do the if they are too pale or have been bleached be the sun. Your brows may also go grey or lighter with age, so instead of filling with powder, think of visiting a salon for a professional brow tint which will usually last for four to six weeks.

Stretch To Avoid Sting

Eyebrow tweezing can be painful. To avoid stinging and redness, stretch the skin gently upwards or between the fingers before plucking and pull out the hair quickly to avoid bruising.

It is best to tweeze after a hot shower or bath and in the evening, to give your skin time to recover from redness.

Circumvent Your Cycle

Pain tolerance seems to be reduced just before and during the first few days of menstruation, so it is best to avoid these times if you are planning to re-shape eyebrows. Mid-cycle is the most pain-free time to pluck.

Last Brow Words

Hope these tips provide a good insight for you on how you can look after your brows and maintain them, plus groom them with care and efficiency. All the tips are straight to the point and shine light on each subject which I will go deeper-in in other posts.

As a last word of advice from a brow expert, I would say that eyebrows are an important part of your look, as they will frame your face and help in shaping your look and beauty.

Remember; that nothing will pull together a stunning look like a perfect set of brow arches.

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