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How To Fill In Sparse Eyebrows To Look Natural

How To Fill In Sparse Eyebrows To Look Natural

A recommended brow routine guide on How To Fill In Sparse Eyebrows To Look Natural. An easy step by step guide for anyone who has brow hair that is super fine and thin hair. If you do not really have a lot of eyebrow hairs, your best solution if to fake them or micro-blade them.

I am going to share with you how to do your brows naturally to fill in sparse eyebrows. But before anything please note that every person and their eyebrows are different, so what works for you might not work for someone else.

Also you might like a certain eyebrow look while someone else thinks it is so ugly. Having said that I will try to make it as general as possible to solve everyone’s problem, well try too anyway. There are different techniques and approaches to each individual, so if you are interested in learning how to fill in your sparse eyebrows just keep reading….

Decision Making

You have to decide where you want your eyebrows to start and end. I recommend to divide your brow area by three for the best shape.

Divide and Conquer

If you want to go for this; divide your brow into three sections along the length of your eye.

How to measure your brows

The first two sections should head upward and the third should slant downwards. With sparse brows you wont have any arches, so to create a natural looking one do the following;

Natural Arches

To create a natural enhanced looking arch; look in the mirror into your eyes, the top of the arch you are going to draw should fall directly above the outside of your iris. This will give you a more eye opening result.

Where should your arch be?

Eyebrow Size

What is The Best Brow Size For Your Eye?

To line up your eye-brows and know where they should start and end. Get a pencil, place it by your nose vertically, the is your start line up right at the beginning of your eyelid. Then take the end of the pencil and slant it as it you are going horizontally from your nose.

Lining up with the end of your eye, and that should be where the end of your eyebrow. So as long as the nostril and the end of the eye line up that is where the eyebrow should end. Anything longer will just look way too much.

How to line up your brow size?

Starting Point

Okay; so we are going get started to with Anastasia Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills, this is Holy Grail of brow pencils, the colour should match your brow hair.

Start with where your natural brow starts or when you pined your starting point. Start drawing a line underneath where the natural brow hairs are like right where they start and start mapping out the shape.

Now get your tail out as it elongates your eyes and remember to bring it a bit down. Then go to the front and draw forward your brows as much as you want or when your start point is, do this how far forward you want it.

I would recommend to bring it out about where your nostril line is, as we said before. Then go on to the top of the brow as if you are making your own stencil, and as you go along just keep filling in the brow bit by bit.

Freehand eyebrow drawing

Mistakes Happen

now see I went a little bit too high now this happens I’m human so just take a q-tip just just like that everything is fixable

Keep Going Keep Brushing

As you go along with your strokes remember to keep brushing, just to make sure the hairs stay in the right direction. Make small strokes, filling it in bit by bit.

Before you move on to the brow powder you will need to be happy with the shape of your eyebrows.

Make It Look Natural

What you want to do to make it even more natural-looking is to go in with your brow powder. Recommended brow powder to use is this is Anastasia Brow Powder.

Apply it using a crown brush, which is a stiff bristle brush. Use it to dip it in the brow powder and then press it at the beginning part of your brow and then pull it just to kind of clean up that edge at the beginning.

Then start sweeping it all the way through. Wherever you have used the pencil you need to apply the sweep technique with the brow powder. This will make the hair look more solid and the powder will stick to the pencil setting it, making it look more like hair.

Once your done powdering go back in with the brow pencil and just line underneath again just to make sure that it is all looking normal and good. Go back through bit by bit or area by area to make sure the texture is consistent throughout.

If you make a mistake or see that your eyebrow has got a little bit too long or longer than the other, then just take a pointed q-tip and run it underneath and wipe off that extra. You can shape it a little bit by taking the q-tip and shape it out a little till you are satisfied.

Clean Them Up

now go in and clean them up with some concealer, I would recommend using Mac’s Painterly Paint Pots by MAC. Take a small concealer brush and put a little bit of concealer on the concealer brush and  go right underneath.

Make sure that the line is nice and sharp, and then clean up anywhere you have gone a little out of control. Then go right on top of your brows and do the dame if need be, you can go back with the pencil to clean up the tail a little bit and/or making sure the shape is exactly how you want it.

Set Your Brows

Now set your brows by using any brow setter, at the moment the go to brow setter is Billion Dollar Brow Brow Gel. With your brow setter just combed the hairs up to give them more texture and put them in place as best as they can be.

Your Done

This is the end, your eyebrows are done now. Do not worry about any disobedient hair, everyone has them. So this is how you do your eyebrows if they are super sparse and remember to keep in mind everybody has to do what is good for them and what suits them.

It is not necessarily to follow these steps and they might not work for you as well. You can carve out your brows and put gel, powder and pencil on them but you don’t have to do that if that’s not something you want to do.

This is one technique on how to fill in sparse eyebrows, and I’ll be sharing with you another one, once i do I#ll leave a link in the post at the bottom of the page. Hope it this was helpful for you guys if it was do not forget to put on your notification for this site to get the latest posts, recommendations and articles also if you please follow me on Instagram @ellecouture that will really help me out if you haven’t already done so Thank you for reading  x x


I know it seems like a lot to do with all these steps but this is one of the best techniques out. Do not worry about what everyone say you and what is right or wrong, just do what is good for you.

And as a award winning makeup artist I do not believe in any rules when it comes to doing your makeup, you have to do what works for you, your face and look. In the end it is all makeup and it is how you want things to look and feel and not how everybody tells you it needs to be.

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