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How To Pamper Yourself In The Shower

How To Pamper Yourself In The Shower

To pamper yourself in the shower, start by brushing your hair, apply a hair mask and while that is setting, use a scrub or face mask, then into the shower your go. Leave the hair and face mask till last, start with your body, scrub it and use a good moisturizing body soap, then remove the masks and you can wash your hair.

But before you go out, make sure you have also a foot scrub to do your feet, this will keep them soft and give a full spa experience.

Yes it is that simple!

pampering while taking a shower

How To Pamper Yourself In The Shower

Pampering yourself in the shower is a must, do not think about it as if it is a chore as it is not, it is a your beauty shower routine. Now forget about taking a bath, we need to save time and get the ultimate shower experience, without taking too long or having too many products in the shower to pamper yourself in the shower.

Remember that it is best to do the following three to four times a week, as daily cleansing, scrubbing and rubbing will remove all the natural oils your body does need for your hair and skin. Some people will need to take a shower more than others due to their body type, for example if they sweat a lot or have excessive oily skin.

I am going to share with you the best way to give yourself a full pampering while taking a shower, and you can do this one to two times a week to feel fabulous.

Have a Drink Before Taking a Showering

Having a warm drink before showering will help in dilating your blood vessels, which in return will lower your blood pressure. I would go for just warm water with lemon especially in the mornings, you can also add cucumber slices and rose water or infused herbs for some extra benefits.

You can also have a hot drink after the shower if you want, this will relax you and calm you down.

Brush and Comb Your Hair

Before you jump under the water, brush or comb your hair. Do this gently to avoid raking through your hair and causing split ends and hair damage, but make sure to remove all tangles and hair knots.

Another way of doing this in actually in the shower while your hair is wet and conditioned, but remember the plug hole!!

I must stress here that is it very important to de-tangle your hair before washing it as when your hair gets wet, it becomes fragile and we do not want split ends.

Mask Your Hair

Hair conditioner is the equivalent of a face cream but for your hair. So do not skimp on hair conditioner. Apply some conditioner on your hair and brush it through your hair making sure you cover all your hair.

Mask You Face

After masking your hair, you will need to put a face mask on your face as well. There are numerous face masks out there, whether natural or clinically made, both have their positives.

I suggest you try both and find out what is best for your skin, as every skin type has their own. Also switch masks as well, do not just settle for one type all the time, you need the benefits of a lot of oils, herbs, nutrients and elements.

Dry BrushingDry Brush Your Skin

Now, get an all natural brush if you do not have one go buy one, and start to brush all your body with it. Dry brushing will kick start your body’s circulation and in-turn reduces puffy looking skin and helps in reducing blemishes as well.

Do this in circular movements and upward motions, this will remove all the dead skin cells and make it extra soft plus it is good for circulation which in-turn will reduce cellulite.

Get Under The Water

Once you have done all these two minutes tasks, put on the shower and adjust the water to a good, nice temperature, a lukewarm temperature should be perfect.

You do not want it hot, as hot water damages the skin and can result to poor skin texture and dryness. Cooler and lukewarm showers can keep your skin hydrated and also help your hair and minimize damage.

Wash Your Hair

Wash off the conditioner and use a good shampoo to wash your hair with. Try to use shampoos that have the least chemicals in it or at least no parabens, but remember sulfate-free is not necessarily always better as well.

When shampooing massage your scalp using your fingertips just enough to stimulate your scalp. I know it feels better when someone is doing it for you, but that can be for another pampering day.

Always remember to wash your roots and not your hair ends or tips, do not worry about the ends, as the shampoo will cleanse the whole length of your hair when you rinse it out.

Gently Exfoliate Your Face

When exfoliating your face, choose a face exfoliating wash that is suitable for your face skin type. As you have placed a face mask before the exfoliation process, as usually i recommend exfoliating before putting a mask on so you do not strip the skin.

So in order to keep things under-control, once you remove the face mask using warm water, get a face cloth and gently do circular motions to do a genital exfoliating process to leave skin instantly brighter and not remove all benefits of the face mask you have put on.

Body Wash

We are getting near the end of your pampering now. Remember what I said at the top try keeping the showering 3-4 times per week, clean better rather than more frequently. Your body has oils too, same as your hair,so the more you shampoo the more you will strip natural oils.

When washing your body, work on getting rid of dead skin as it is the cause odors after sweat, due to bacteria growth. Try to use an exfoliate loofah to remove left dead skin cells from your body.

Shave Unwanted Hair

While you are in there might as well, get a shave and shave off any unwanted hair. Since you are pampering yourself you would not need for hair things to get out of hand. I would just do legs and under arms and keep other areas to professional waxing beauticians.

Remember this a shower so do not stay in for long and the water should not be too hot, as this will make your skin start to wrinkle and swell. So when you come to shave it will be difficult.

Tip: If you have ingrown hairs, simply warm them up, as this will help them work their way out. Please do not poke, pluck or scrap ingrown hairs or try to squeeze them out, all this causes damage to the skin and might also cause an infection or browsing.

Scrub Your Feet

Get rid of any hard skin of your feet and keep them soft. Use a natural stone which can be bought from any drug store, this will not only remove hard skin but also boost circulation.

Get Out of The Shower

Once done get out of the water and wrap your self with a warm towel, nothing like a warm towel after a shower or bath. Once out of the water and you have dried yourself but still damp, you will need a good body lotion or body butter to rub all your body with.

Doing this while your body is still damp rather than later, will help lock in the moisture of the lotion and will not only get your skin smelling nice and beautiful but also moisturize your skin to keep it soft and stop it from drying.

Pampering Words

Hope now you will have the motivation and reason to pamper yourself while in the shower and to look after yourself and beauty. The tips provided above do not have to be done in the same order and you can switch and change any of the tasks with other ideas you may have or want to try.

The idea is just to help you look after yourself and pamper yourself more often to de-stress and keep yourself feeling beautiful. For example you can change a face mask to a face wash or exfoliate your body instead of washing it with soap, the point is to keep on top of your beauty routine.

Looking after your body should be a priority on your list as it is there to serve you foe many years. The more you look after it the less damage happens to it and the less cost you will have to fork out to maintain it, just remember that.

I hope I have covered everything you wanted to know about pampering while taking a shower, if I have missed anything please do let me know or ask and I will sure add it to the list or update the post.

Until then happy pampering…


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