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Top Ten Ways To Look Younger

Top Ten Ways To Look Younger

The truth is the truth, there is no such thing yet or no way possible to stop the clock from ticking and halt out the ageing process, but there are lots of little tricks, hacks, products and treatments that can you can use to slow down the process.

You have a choices of cosmetic surgery to non surgical beauty treatments to making simple daily changes to your life and daily beauty routine to help you look younger. Doing this will give you the possibility to prevent damage to your skin, health, body and reverse the external signs of ageing.

I have gathered the Top Ten Ways To Help You Look Younger that wont cost the earth and  are simple to implement in your daily probably busy life, helping you make the most of what you have got and help you look and feel younger even if it is by a year or two!


Keep Drinking

Keep DrinkingWater I would say is the secret for your internal youth. Drinking at least six glasses of water a day will will help in suppressing your appetite so that means you eliminate fake hunger, metabolize fat in your body and keep your body and skin fully hydrated and looking younger.

Keep in mind that all other drinks such as fizzy soda drinks, fruit juices, coffee and even herbal teas will not provide the same benefits to your body as would plain mineral or spring water.


Use SPF 30

sunscreenYes we all love the sun, especially here in the UK where we do not get much of it. But the sun unfortunately dose cause skin damage according to many reputable medical sources that have conducted studies on sum skin damage.

So to avoid damage to your skin from the beautiful sun, it is essential to limit the time in direct sunlight exposing your body from its rays. Whether it is winter or you are in the UK and have not seen the sun for nine months for that year or have just gone on an amazing holiday somewhere really nice and hot.

It is very important to always cover up your face with sunscreen that has at least an SPF 30 and a Five Star UVA protection, and get into the habit of applying sunscreen every day with no buts!


Colour That Grey

Yes we all going to get these or have them already!

Dye Your HairIf your hair is just beginning to change colour to grey, with the grey making up less than 20%. Use a semi-permanent colour hair dye that will begin to fade after about 6 to 12 washes. If it is making up 50% of your hair, opt-in for a semi-permanent that will last for about 24 hair washes.

Only choose a permanent hair dye if the majority of your hair has turned grey, and if your hair is mostly grey, consider a shade slightly darker than your normal hair colour as when it starts to fade with exposure to the sun and shampooing.


Pluck That Face

Shape Your BrowsAs we age the upper eyelid tends to start to sag down unfortunately due to gravity and the loss of collagen in our faces. So if you want an instant face-lift then make sure to pluck you eye brows but the plucking should be perfectly shaped brows.

A simple technique you can use to do this is; Decide where you want to pluck your brows and shade-in the area with a soft sweep of a white eye-pencil and freeze your eyelid skin with an ice-cube. When you start to pluck, pluck as close to you brow hair root as possible by only plucking within the shaded area you have designated with the white eye pencil.


Purge Your Wardrobe

This one maybe is a pain to some, but must be done every know and then.

Sort Your Clothes OutMake a date in your diary to stay at home and try all your existing clothes on in front of a full-length mirror. Know assess yourself honestly and do not be too negative or harsh on yourself.

Start to throw away everything that you have never worn, old fashioned, stained, has a hole, dose not fit you or simply too small. Everything that is left should make you feel fabulous when you put it on.


Keep Moving

ExerciseAccording to a study in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, ‘the greatest threat to our health is not the ageing process itself but our inactivity’.

Moderate physical exercise has been proven to delay the effects of ageing even if you start it later on in life, showing you it is not too late to start anything and that it is possible to increase longevity.

The study goes on to clearly demonstrate that regular vigorous exercise of just 30 minutes a day is associated with increased life expectancy. Their are also several other studies that have shown that colon cancer is reduced by 30% in individuals who exercise regularly.


Eat ORAC Foods

Eat Healthy ORAC FoodsOxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is an American test tube analysis that has pinpointed the highest levels of antioxidants in fruit and vegetables. The high level of antioxidants found in ORAC foods come from plant pigments called polyphenols and it is thought to be the combination of vitamins, iron and folic acid that makes them so effective.

Top scoring ORAC foods are avocado, blueberries, broccoli, garlic, kale, plums, raisins, red grapes and spinach.


Smoke Free

Stop SmokingWe all probably know this and it is no secret no more, but I have put this for also second hand smokers. Did you know that within weeks of stopping smoking your blood circulation improves resulting in your skin looking better.

As oxygen levels in your blood return to normal, your lungs will start to get rid of mucus making breathing easier and because of this you will have a lot more energy.

No. 9

Get Rid Of Excess Wright

Stay SlimOK, know we are not talking about becoming size ‘0’ here or starving yourself and not eating a good daily diet. i am talking about excess baggage that you might carry around because of that Christmas turkey or not eating healthy and becoming overweight for being lazy and lack of care to yourself.

Carrying extra weight round on your body can increase the risk of dying young by as much as 50%, imagine that!

Overweight women are more likely to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and some cancers, and do not rely on unhealthy slimming diets and packaged diet food to help you keep your weight down. Instead eat lots of fresh food and get regular exercise.

No. 10

Kill Stress

Dont StressYes; stress is probably the biggest killer I say and is root to all negative implications on our health. Try to eliminate stress as much as you can from your life. I know, I know it is very hard to do in this day and age but trust me it happens to all of us whether you are rich or poor.

I have worked with celebrities and your lovely average women that could not find money to pay for he weddings makeup, and both have stressful situations in their life’s. So try to think positive all the time, this takes practice, so find something you can do to de-stress, whether music and dancing, yoga, reading, walking, going to the gym, meditating, running, sports, blocking your mind from negative thoughts or anything.

There are lots of things out there to help you de-stress and they do not have to cost money as well if you have not got the finances, you can do it in you own home watching YouTube (eg. yoga or exercise).

Stress and worry are not only bad for your health but also causes wrinkles, so next time you are stressing out or worrying, think is the situation you are in really worth worrying or stressing out on?

Take things easy relax do not stress even if other people throw their rubbish on you!

Looking Younger Already

Hope you enjoyed these ten way to look younger, and will take at least one point with you after you have finished reading them. Looking younger is not an easy process nor quick one, it requires dedication, knowledge, time and probably some money thrown at it to get better results.

So do not be harsh on your self, the whole point is to look after yourself, your health and your beauty in the best possible way that fits in to your life. Yes we all lead a busy life, but if you look at your daily routine you will find that you have some sort of time or make time to do something for yourself to achieve your younger self or stay young if you are a teen reading this post.

Love yourself and give time to your self and health, everything else is not worth it.

Ella Couture

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