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Classic Wardrobe Essentials

Classic Wardrobe Essentials

8 Classic Wardrobe Essential Must Haves

If you ever find yourself in a wardrobe rut you may not have the necessary essentials in your closet. These ‘essentials’ are classics that every woman should have in order to build a better wardrobe and outfit. No wardrobe is complete without these eight classic wardrobe essentials.

  1. Neutral bottoms

Whether you like slacks or skirts pick a color that will work with any outfit you can imagine. Its important to make sure these bottoms are tailored to fit you perfectly. Don’t skimp on quality with these, the higher the quality the longer they will last.

  1. Long Sleeved White Shirt

A long sleeve shirt is great for year-round wear and a white shirt is great for all seasons.

  1. Neutral Cardigan

Cardigans tend to be a go-to piece of a lot of women, they are easy to wear and style. Having one that is neutral in color can help make outfit coordination easy.

  1. Black Blazer

Just like a cardigan a well-tailored blazer is great for special occasions or work. Even going out a blazer is a perfect layering piece.

  1. A Little Black Dress

We’ve heard it all before and it’s still true to this day, every woman needs a little black dress. Its great for any occasion, its neutral in color and it can easily transition from day to night.

  1. Favorite Pair of Jeans

Nothing feels and wears better than a worn pair of jeans that you love. These are perfect for casual Fridays at the office or running errands. Have at least one favorite pair.

  1. Button down

For the workingwomen or a mom on the go a basic button down shirt is great to wear by itself or to layer over a tank.

  1. Neutral Pumps

You can’t go wrong with a great pair of heels and pumps work for any occasion and season!

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