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10 Golden Fashion Rules

10 Golden Fashion Rules

Fashion Golden Rules

Probably the best advice to give or the best rules to follow, keep and stick by when it comes to fashion sense is the below points. What ever is your fashion sense always stick by these Golden Fashion Rules.

Do Not Be A Middle Aged Teenager or Meenager

Never and I say never dress like a teenager if you are not a teenager, as if a teenager looks good in a fashion item chances are that you won’t. Stay clear of their trends, such as tube tops, pierced belly button and exposed G-string, and choose clothes that suit your shape, colouring and age.

Dress Your Age

Know that fashion becomes more about style and less about trends as you get older, so stay clear of anything that is cute and girly, such as puff sleeves, lots of ribbons or ruffles, baby-doll smock tops and mini dresses.

Less is More

Whether you are in good shape, toned or not, you should never show off your breasts and vast expanses of bare legs. Make a choice of either one or the other and never both in the same outfit.

Purge Your Wardrobe

At least once a year, make a date to try on all your clothes in front of a full length mirror and assess yourself honestly. Throw away everything that is old fashioned, unworn, stained, too small, worn and tiered. Leave everything that fits up to date and makes you feel fabulous even if it is a home only item.

Avoid Slobbing Out

Everybody has at least one good asset on them. Define what it is your bodies greatest area and use it every time when buying and selecting fashion items and clothes. Fitted clothes are always preferable to shapeless over-sized tents, such as baggy clothing and clothing that hang on you.

Embrace Your Curviness

Be proud of your womanly body by wearing clothes that show it off, bias-cut dresses, fitted waistlines and pencil skirts will suit you much better than trying to cover up under a loose kaftan, and wrap dresses are particularly good for curvy figures.

Too Much Can Look Cheap

Never put on too much accessories as you might end-up looking ostentatious. I always say if in doubt leave it out. Learn to pare down your look so you know what suits you and know what to add and what not.

Leave His Shirts Alone

At 16 it might be sexy to borrow your boyfriend’s shirts but at 36 it might make you look like an old matron, and if the reason you to it is because you are curvy, then know that curvy girls can benefit from fitted shapes.

Crepey Cleavage

The skin between your nipples and neck can provide a telltale giveaway to your age more than any other area of skin. So do not over do the push up bra and a plunging decolletage, which will only highlight the problem of saggy parchment skin.

A Hint of Flesh

Keeping arms and decolletage lightly covered with lace, chiffon or sheer organza keeps you  you from revealing too much flesh in the sexiest way possible.

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