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Updating Your Wardrobe

Updating Your Wardrobe

The best way to feel better or get a new you is when you clean out your closet and update your wardrobe, you also will get rid of old and negative energy and you will feel a big difference in how you use to look and and new up to date look.

Updating Your WardrobeSpend Time In The Fitting Room

Updating your wardrobe should be done every season with a few key pieces, but be prepared to try on a-lot of clothes to assess what you like. Following fashion from suitable distance will keep you looking well groomed and modern.

Mix It Up

High street stores aimed at the very young can be great hunting grounds for the basics, but make sure you avoid the high fashion items. Mix cheaper items in with your expensive pieces to refresh your look.

Don’t Get Stuck

Matching every detail of an outfit makes you look dated and choosing shoes, bag, earrings and necklace that all match is instantly ageing. Loosen up your style be wearing suit jackets, but not with the matching skirt or trousers, and choose from a colour palette where colours co-ordinate a shade or two away from each other.

The Perfect Jacket

An almost perennial classic that suits almost every shape and size if you tweak the proportion is the mannish style jacket. A well cut tailored suit jacket, that is single breasted without fussy detail does a perfect job over trousers, dresses and skirts, if you get the length right!

An Essential Pair Of Jeans

A good pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple for most women that can easily take them from day to evening by changing shoes and shirt/top. You will need to spend time finding a good fit and as a general rule drainpipe skinny jeans flatter skinny minnies best and boot cut jeans are much more flattering to all shapes and sizes.

Not Quite A Classic

Fashion is in the business of changing shapes and styles, so look very carefully at old clothes that you bought as ‘classic’ investment pieces. Study the cut, lapel size, buttons, pockets and shape of an old favourite before you resurrect it. If the details aren’t quite right, you will end up looking dated.

Find a Female Icon

Forget size 0 and teen fashion, and find a stylish women to copy. Choose a role model like Helen Mirren or Bianca Jagger, role models who are roughly your shape and age, study the way they dress and steal their style.

Capsule WardrobeCreate a Capsule Wardrobe

Every season look for well cut basic pieces to make a capsule wardrobe that will have some longevity and provide you with an outfit for every occasion. Versatility is the key, so find a dress that can be worn on it’s own or over pants, and choose from a neutral colour palette of black, navy and stone.

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