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Best Eyelash Lift Treatment

Best Eyelash Lift Treatment

Best Natural Lash Treatment You Can Have Done and How It Will Transform Your Look and Beauty Routine

A most asked question between the gals is what is the best lash treatment out there that will give you thick, long and at the same-time have natural looking lashes without using extensions???!!

Is there such a thing?

Yes there is; it dose not matter if you have pretty good lashes, thick or long, if they are pin straight, you lost out on the curl and volume, and using the right lash tools will only last you a couple of hours. So people tent do go to false extensions and strips, but what if you need a natural way of having your lashes to look fuller, more volume, more lift and even more longer, without looking like a fiesta dancer or Vegas girl.

So the answer goes without a doubt that a Lash Lift is the right treatment to have prettier eyes, with NO falsies, heated curlers, your normal metal curlers or even mascara necessary. But what is the best lift out there and how to know, decide and choose from all those brands and companies?

As an Ultimate Lash Artist with 15+ years of experience in the lash industry, here is my Review and honest answer plus a bit of know how to take home… 

There are two Major treatments out there, so we talk about them first then give you the best company to go for at the end of this lash blog post.

Difference Between LVL and KeratinKeratin Lash Lift VS LVL Lash Treatment

LVL: Stands for Length Volume Lift. This state of the art modern natural treatment that is used by a-lot of celebrities, especially here in the UK. This revolutionary natural lash treatment starts with straightening the root of your lash then curling the your entire lash, giving it full volume and lift. It is then finished with a tint to place every natural lash you have on show. A simple way of describing it is to think about it like a semi-permanent mascara that you cant get in shops!

Keratin Lash Lift: Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in your hair and nails which gives them strength. This treatment starts with placing a plastic rod above your lash-line before applying the eyelash keratin lift serum over the top of them. The serum or mask will curl the lashes around the plastic rod. The Keratin mask sits for around eight minutes before washed off, then replaced with another serum to lock your curled lashes.

Why Have a Lash Lift Perm and Tint?

No More Mascara and No More Lash Curlers

If you are looking for natural, gorgeous eyelashes, then a lash lift treatment is for you, which will lift and extends the your natural lashes from the root, straightening them for an instant fuller effect and look.

Redefine Your Beauty Routine

The treatments are not only time saving, and give you luscious looking lashes when you wake up but also natural and wont damage your natural lashes especially if you choose a well know brand.

Hassle Free Pain Free

The treatment is a natural enhancement which creates thicker, fuller, longer, defined eyelashes in under an hour of your time, plus low maintenance which is ideal for anyone who dose not have the time to maintain their extensions.

A Longevity Product

A long lasting lash treatment, that is put on within 45 minutes and lasts 6 to 8 weeks depending on your lashes. That is 1/6 of a year, think how much you SAVE on mascara and false extensions.

Quick Eyelash Treatment

Have amazing lashes in your lunch hour, lasting just 40 minutes with 20min to spare!

Beauty Has NO Rules

After 24hrs no rules apply, you can wear mascara with them, it will just intensify your look if you are after that. Just ensure the makeup remover is oil free. You can also improve the quality of your natural lashes, by using the best lash serum to buy on them and this will give them the minerals and nutrients your hairs need.

Lash Lift Before and After Pictures

Lash Lift Before and After

Keratin Lash Lift Before & After

LVL Lashes Before and After

LVL Before and After

Conclusion On The Best Natural Eyelash Lift Treatment

Now; with Keratin being totally natural, I personally like to go protein and product-free and would highly recommend the LVL Lash Lift Treatment by Nouveau. As it is the best lash treatment out there at the moment and uses setting serums and lotions, which your therapist will test on you first to make sure you do not have a reaction.

Both results are pretty similar and you will end up with lashes that are so amazing and glamorous, that will let your beauty shine, your eyes stun and heads roll.

You must know that both these treatments simply enhance what you already have, by volumizing and lifting your hairs rather than physically adding any extra length. It is the most natural way to enhance your natural lashes without use any harsh chemicals and false extensions or glues.

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