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Celebrities Wear Nouveau Lashes

Celebrities Wear Nouveau Lashes

Reading through celebrity beauty magazines and glossaries lately, will get you to noticed that something very exciting and glamours is happening; which is celebrities everywhere are wearing Nouveau Lashes opting for the most beautiful, best lashes.

The Nouveau Lash brand has been getting attention everywhere especially the LVL eyelash treatment. Which is NOW  the hottest celebrity lash lift lash treatment and beauty bloggers everywhere agreeing that it is The Best Lash Treatment Ever.

Lets take our first pinup which is Michelle Keegan, this absolutely stunning celebrity; with or without makeup is always glamours and fans are always trying to find out her celebrity beauty secrets.

One of those beauty secrets that this beautiful ex-Coronation Street actress has is that she treats herself to the LVL enhance lash treatment from Nouveau, which helps her achieve those fabulous lash lengths without mascara.

LVL enhance treatment will straightens natural lashes at the root, giving the effect of longer,more volume, lifted lashes with absolutely no extensions, no adhesive and no mascara!

So that would explain how she looks so good without any of makeup on, as the human eyes are dangerously beautiful, so imagine when you lash and unleash that beauty.

The treatment which follows a personal consultation with an expert lash technician, can take up to 40 minutes and last for 6 to 8 weeks, with prices starting from £45.

I’ll explain more about this revolutionary eyelash treatment at the end and how LVL lashes work, but lets get back to that Celebrities Wear Nouveau Lashes

Katie Piper a television presenter and Jessie Ware the English singer and songwriter are both also fans of the Nouveau eyelash treatment which adds length, volume and lift to natural lashes. This is just to mention a few!

The beautiful celebrity Millie Mackintosh wears Nouveau lashes especially on her wedding day, choosing her natural looking Portobello Strip Lashes that she exclusively designed for Nouveau Lashes, keeping her makeup look very natural and stated: “I just want to look really fresh and young.”

Other celebs and beauty bloggers have also sworn by Nouveau lashes, such as fashion and beauty blogger Victoria from InTheFrow saying that she’s been a die-hard fan of the Nouveau treatment ever since she tried it.

Even girl bands such as The Saturdays that need to go on tour to perform in front of thousands of people want to make sure that they look their best, and that is exactly why Frankie, Rochelle, Una, Mollie and Vanessa use the Express Lashes from Nouveau. These are light, soft on the go lashes which are quick to put on and give you a glamours appearances.

With three option to choose from and the treatments have fast turnaround time ranging 5 minutes to 20 minutes tops, The Express on the go lashes can transform you in seconds from being the girl next door to a devastatingly sexy siren and it is the number one choice for The Saturdays.

And the list goes on and on and on of Celebrities Wearing Nouveau Lashes, it is the go to lash brand for so many celebrities as it is next to none, offering the best lash quality and providing the ultimate look for your eyes and beauty.

So if If you are looking for a way to elongate, enhance and exaggerate your lashes, then the answer is Nouveau lashes and with the on demand and most desired celebrity beauty treatment the LVL lash treatment,  say goodbye to mascara, lash curlers and extensions.

But if you are looking for something a little more from your eyelash treatment you can try the SVS treatment from Nouveau which gives you Speedy, Volume, Style lashes, which is also so popular with celebrities and you have the options to choose from a rang of styles.

Celebrities choose to wear Nouveau as it is the dream idea to have your lashes look glam everyday from the moment you wake-up without all the effort of having them done or rushing to the mascara.

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