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How Long Do Party Lashes Last

How Long Do Party Lashes Last


How Long Do They Last?

First things first; to those who just stumbled on this page and not sure what are party lashes and to those who know what are party lashes but still not clear.


What are party Lashes?

Party Lashes are either your well known strip lashes or cluster lashes which are the three to five individual lashes that come out of one bulb that is glued on your natural lashes (Do not to be confused with volume lashes these are total different).

They also can be called Holiday Lashes, Honeymoon Lashes, Flare Lashes, Weekend Lashes and probably other names depending on the lash salon you are going to go to.


Since there is more than one type I’ll explain how the two different part lashes last by starting with the Cluster Party Lashes.

So How Long Do Cluster Party Lashes Last?

How Long Do Cluster Party Lashes LastCluster lashes are glued on with a semi-permanent adhesive and can last for about a week or two depending on your natural lashes, lifestyle, movement and quality of glue used, plus you would not require infills as they are only used once.

Although the real length of time will be 3 to 7 days or fortnight shall we say, but they will look their best within a day or maybe two after application, before the glue starts to wear off or some of your natural lashes that the cluster lashes are stuck on to happen to fall off, as they are too heavy for your natural lashes to keep hold of them.

They are supposed to fall out gradually as your own lashes naturally shed, as they are stuck to your natural lashes. Unlike individual lash extensions they are quicker to put on, around 30 minutes depending on your technician, hans; that is why they are cheap lash extensions.

Although they might give the effect you are looking for and are easy on your pocket, these three hairs glued together which give your eyes a more voluminous look are quite damaging to your lashes. As a personal advice I would avoid them as they weigh down your lashes and lead to breakage.

The best “Party Lashes” should be the individual one extensions that are applied to each one of your natural lashes.

Cluster Lash Tip:

Applying a generous coat of waterproof mascara after you put on your cluster lashes and the glue is dry, will help them stick better to your lashes and minimize the risk of them coming loose too early as well.

What About Strip Lashes, How Long Do These Party Lashes Last?

How long do party strip lashes last?With strip lashes, they last for a day, but must be taken off before your bed time to keep your natural lashes healthy. They come with so many different sizes, styles and looks, for all occasions, places and duration of the day.

Strip lashes can be used again only if they are not damaged, clean and the glue has not clogged up on the strip, and also are able to last on your eyes for 3 to 5 days but this is not recommended.

End Results

Party LashesSo, two main types of party lashes that everyone knows about or calls party lashes, but party lashes can be any type of lash extensions, it is the speed of application that gives them that name.

I would always go for strip lashes or express lashes rather than cluster, the duration for both differs slightly but it all depends on glue, application and quality. Both will surly last you for the party night or occasion, some people find that cluster lashes are more easy to put on than strip lashes.

What ever you choose don’t get confused with cluster lashes being individual lash extensions, although similar technique, the individual one are much light on your natural lashes even if they are of low quality. Strip lashes can help keep your natural lashes healthy if you do not apply mascara with you have them one and minimize glue going on your natural lashes, plus take them of every-night.

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