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How To Apply Concealer Under Eyes With Wrinkles

How To Apply Concealer Under Eyes With Wrinkles

Whether or not you have a severe case of under-eye creasing and wrinkles or just a few surface lines. Putting on foundation and concealer might not be enough to some people, as the wrinkles will still show and take a toll on your look and self esteem.

Plus the worst part is when you use a concealer and you can still see lines and creases. What do you do then or your under-eye area looks so dry that adds 30 years on top of your real age.

Quick Answer:

  1. Apply foundation to face, avoiding eye area.
  2. Blend the concealer using a beauty bender under your eyes.
  3. Apply powder straight after concealer using blender sponge.
  4. Continue reading to know the exact step by step technique…

Get Rid of Under Eye Creases With Makeup

Right now I am going to share with you today some different techniques on how to apply concealer under your eyes and stop it from settling in creases, line and wrinkles. I hope this will be an effective solution to you and change the way you do eye-make-up, and be wrinkle and crease free underneath your eyes.

I use this technique on all my clients and myself of-course, and happy to share some insider makeup techniques and applications.

Okay so without any further ado if you want to know how to apply and prevent your concealer from settling in your creases and wrinkles then please keep on reading….

What You Will Need:

  1. Foundation
  2. Concealer
  3. Powder
  4. Makeup Brush
  5. Beauty Blender

How to Stop Concealer from Settling in Creases and Lines

Laying The Foundation

I recommend laying down a base first using a foundation first then concealer after, and then see where we want to perspective more and then we can set it without creasing the makeup. You can use any good thick foundation, for this technique I recommend using the Studio Fix Fluid by Mac, make sure the colour matches your skin tone when buying the product.

You can try this technique using other foundation then but the one I am recommending to see the difference, don’t want  you to spend before you try yours!

First Step

First stipple the foundation all over your face and then blend in with the brush, for this I recommend using the Sigma F80 makeup brush. When you are applying the foundation do not apply any foundation underneath your eyes.

You need to to think of it as the more products you put underneath your eyes the more palettes there actually is to gunk up the wrinkles and creases, so the less products underneath your eyes the better. So now that you have got your skin looking good but your under-eye area still looking like a mess, it is time for the concealer.

Best Foundation Application

Second Step – The Trick

Now it is time for the concealer trick, here I would use the Pro Longwear Concealer by Mac, yes I am a Mac lover. By the way the Pro Longwear Concealer is marketed as a concealer that does not crease, do not believe that, it does crease no matter how smooth or how un-wrinkle your under eye area is, it just  increases no matter what.

So what you want to do to avoid this is you want to apply your concealer does not matter what type of concealer you want to use. Whenever you apply the concealer under your eyes, instead of working it in with a brush, which everyone is guilty of doing that, but hey we did not know better.

Instead you want to take a sponge, you can use a Beauty Blender, they come in a bunch of colors now and lost to choose from or you can get the Real Techniques Sponge. Then what you want to do is blend in the concealer with the sponge, blend it good making sure there are no lines and creases showing.

NOTE: You must dampen the sponge before you start to do this otherwise it will not be as effective as it should.

Then as soon as you like what you see you immediately want to go in with powder. Now remember the trick is this sponge.

How to use a beauty blender with a concealer

This is exactly how you should apply the concealer and the powder on top of it.
Following exactly the same method.

Concealer Secret

The secret here is the damp sponge, I don’t know how and what kind of material does this but once you damp it and start to blend in the concealer with the sponge it gives a better effect, the dampness in the sponge is going to do the work.

How to wet a Beauty Blender

Over 35, Mature Skin and 50?

Not to worry, not matter what they say this works on you as well, so stop using the brush for concealing and use a damp blender instead. Yes use it with the concealer and powder as well.

And for better results your need to moisturize your under eye area as well, the better moisturized the better the conceal. Sometimes it is best to avoid very creamy concealers as it might settle in your creases if you are 35 and over.

Instead of the Pro Longwear Concealer by Mac I recommended go for the Mac Prep + Prime by Mac. It is a liquid pen but is less creamy then a liquid concealer.

NOTE: Always apply only two under-eye products as the more you apply as a mature skin the more dry and creasing it will look.

Third Step

Ok; now take the powder and start to set it in with the concealer. Put the powder immediately right after it so it does not crease.

Use the same sponge that you have wet and is now damp and then powder. Highly recommend Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder.

So again; first apply the concealer right underneath your eyes and remember you can go for any concealer shape that you like. You can also highlighting a little bit of your cheeks to give them a lift.

When you start blending in your concealer, work really quickly so you do not get any creasing. Prepare your powder before you do the concealing part. With the sponge look up and blend in the concealer until you like what you see.

Once you blended in one eye, quickly move to the other eye and once both eyes are blended in you want to go over it one more time to make sure there is no creasing. Now quickly dip the tip of your wet sponge into the powder and go over top and set it in.

Then blend in the powder seamlessly and that is it basically. This way your concealer underneath your eyes will not crease and won’t even budge plus won’t go anywhere. What is also great about this is that it now acts as a perfect eyes shadow base, so this is how you apply concealer under eyes which have wrinkles and stop the concealer from settling in creases and lines.


I hope you found this technique useful and will help you in your makeup application. I have put a direct link to every product I have recommended if you want to buy them. Remember you can use any concealer and powder or any brand of beauty blender.

The one I recommended are the ones I use on myself or client depending on their skin situation and age. Now you know the technique you just need to master the application process to see how effective this way on applying under eye makeup is.

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