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How To Apply Under Eye Concealer For Mature Skin

How To Apply Under Eye Concealer For Mature Skin

Ok; this question came a lot from my mature clients on how do you apply under-eye concealer on mature skin. The issue is that unfortunately if you have wrinkles the surface is not all smooth, prompting any makeup to settle into your wrinkles and creases.

Unfortunately it is very hard to avoid getting the concealer not to settle in the creases of mature skin. This is why I recommend to all my mature clients to keep moisturizing the under eye area and use serums and under-eye creams.

But I am going to show you how to minimize your concealer to settle as little as possible. You can also have fillers done to plump up the area under your eyes and reduce wrinkles. Remember not to use too many products when applying makeup under the eyes as this will add to the problem.

Quick Answer:

  1. Prep the skin by moisturizing it, it is very important that your under eye area is hydrated before you add any concealer
  2. Leave plenty of time in between the moisturizing phase and applying the concealer. As it is really really important that you leave time for your moisturizers to sink and bed into your skin otherwise the oils and the moisture will try and break down the concealer throughout the day and you will be left with a little bit of separation some creasing maybe even a little bit of a cakey mess.
  3. Block any excess oils from the surface of your skin especially if you have used really heavy creams before you start applying your concealer.
  4. Apply foundation all the way underneath your under eye area, stop just before you get to your under-eye area.
  5. Apply concealer a stick concealer under your eye using a sponge, choose rather than a thick creamy one to avoid crease setting.
  6. Choose a setting method that is right for your skin type, it dose not have to be an under-eye concealer, but for this guide we are using a concealer. Apply concealer as you would with your foundation then powder.

First Things First

First of all you want to make sure that under your eyes are moisturized, as dry skin will cake up. So make sure that you do this earlier, for example before your foundation.

You can also spray your face with Mac Fix to give your face some moisture before you start your makeup application.

NOTE: When applying the moisturizer; pat it in and pat it in well, then wait for to sink in. And when you apply foundation try to avoid the eye area as you do not want too many product under there. I Recommend round about 20 minutes to wait after applying a moisturizing cream


Now apply the concealer, it does not matter which concealer you use. I like lots of concealers and use always a different one on clients depending on their skin and what they need doing.

Try to go for a stick concealer rather than a very creamy liquid concealer, as a creamy concealer might be too thick for the type of mature skin you have.

Use a beauty blend for blending in and not a brush or fingers. For application you can apply it with your fingers if you want, but do not blend it in with your fingers unless it works for you, especially do not use a brush for this.

NOTE: That the thicker a concealer is the more they will settle into fine lines and the more cakeyer they are. Eye cream is essential to be used daily to avoid under eye hydration.

One Eye at a Time

Do one eye at the time; apply by patting or using it straight out of its stick, if it a pen stick concealer. Pat it in with a damp beauty blender sponge that you have wet earlier. Make sure it is not very wet just damp, to ensure that the concealer is packaging very well under your eye and is not too getting too cakey.

Use your finger to apply as the warmth from your finger will help the concealer to melt, then tape gently. After that use to beauty blender to blend it in, making sure that your wrinkles under your eye are stretched a bit while you are patching and blending the concealer in.

Making sure the concealer is smoothing over the wrinkles and is not getting inside those creases. For this you can pull your skin slightly. The way I would do this is to do a funny face rather than use hands, so you can do it naturally rather than you having to pull down and drag your face skin.

Keep working it in, do not rub it not matter what you do, as this is the worst thing  when it comes to applying concealer, even if you are doing it with your fingers.


Now take the powder making sure that your powder is very finely milled – loose powder, I recommend to using Laura Mercier Translucent Powder.

Take your damp blender and load it with whatever powder you are going to use and start a bit lower down and just press it in. You can still stretch your skin while doing this.

Another recommendation is; if you have very dry dehydrated skin a hyaluronic hydra powder, as this powder has hyaluronic acid which is not as dry as other powders. But know that it comes in very white tones.

You can also use a setting spray which you can use instead of using powder.

End Result

My conclusion to this is; yes you will still see the fine lines you can not help it, you can only hide them as we have to face reality that we are not 20 anymore. The best advice I can give if you have a lot of fine lines and even deep fine lines, is to moisturize your under eye area really well, everyday and use a thin concealer.

You can also use foundation that is quite thin in consistency like Shiseido, which is quite watery and thin. It is not very thick as this is what you are trying to avoid. But remember that putting  on foundation and concealer under your eyes is too much product already.

NOTE: If you overdo it when applying the powder spray it with some sort of moisturizing spray just very lightly mist. Then blow dry it a bit to make it melt together and that might help a little.

If you feel that after you applied the powder, it has made your lines or wrinkles a lot more prominent and it is maybe drying your under-eye area out a little bit due to low moisture. Then take a little bit of oil. now this can be any facial oil or any primer oil.

Apply a little bit to the back of your hand like and tap with your little finger into it and get a little bit of oil product on the end of your finger. Then tap all the excess product off  so that there is hardly any left on your finger.

Then pat really lightly underneath the eye to add a little bit of hydration where you lost hydration because of the powder. This will just revitalize underneath the eye and give it a lot more of a softer look.

Hope this will help you with your concealer application and helped achieved what result you want from your under-eye concealer.

Try out this method at home and you can mix it a bit with your way of doing things to see which one works best for you.

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