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Celebrities Makeup Malfunction

Celebrities Makeup Malfunction

Lessons To Learn From Celebrity Makeup Malfunctions

As celebrities usually show up on the red carpet looking perfect. Some are not so lucky due to so many reasons, whether their makeup artist had the flu or they rushed with their makeup application. Some celebrities have had major makeup fails along the way to their fame.

From mascara messes and contouring problems to smudged makeup, some celebrities could not escape the cameras from showing their celebrity makeup malfunctions and fails.

We take a look at some of these celebrities to see what happened to their makeup application, how the makeup malfunction happened and what to do to fix this fail so it wont happen to you.

Lessons to learn from from celebrity failed makeup looks…

Kate Upton Smudged Mascara


What To Do With Smudged Mascara?

Oily eyelids make mascara run, so start with a mattifying primer. For extra protection from seat, always choose a waterproof mascara on you night out.

Taylor Swift White Concealer Fail

Taylor-Swift-Makeup Fail

What To Do When White Concealer Fails?

Ditch the eye brighteners and try a colour correcting concealer with red tones for a more natural finish.

Visible Contouring on Kim Kardashian Nose

Kim-Kardashian Nose Contouring Fail

What To Do When Nose Contouring Fails

Make sure to keep your contouring products two shades darker than your foundation and blend well.

Emma Watson Smudged Smokey Eye Makeup


What To Do If You Smudged Your Smokey Eye

Use a primer under eye makeup to help it stay in place. Once you have blended it, use a setting spray to finish it off.

If you want to learn how to so a smokey eye effect in detailed steps have a look here: Smokey Eye Tutorial

Kylie Jenner Boob Contour Line Fail

Kylie Jenner Boob Contour Line Fail

How To Fix Your Boob Line Contour

If you are bronzing or contouring your body, the trick is to check your blending from several angles and not just from a straight view.

Miley Cyrus Powder Blending Malfunction

Miley Cyrus Powder Blending Malfunction

How To Fix A Powder Blending Fail

Translucent can show up white and cakey under bright lights. Take time to fully blend and check your look using a flash selfie.

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