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How To Apply Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow

How To Apply Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow

Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow by Max Factor two in one piece eye shadow that can be used by absolutely anyone due to its easy application, and can also be used as a base to work from. It is smooth and creamy with the ability to glide onto your eyelid.

So I have been asked to review this product and give my thoughts on it, and also to show how can someone with no experience apply it.

Step One

Start off by applying a light dusting of powder to the entire eyelid, this will be your base. Priming your eyelids will help your shadow from not creasing. Step one on the Max Factor Smokey Eye Effect Eye-shadow works as a base and also as a highlighter and can be applied all over your eyelid.

After applying the base you will need a dark colour pencil, ad since you are interested in a Max Factor product, then I  recommend using Max Factor Kohl Pencil. Apply the Kohl pencil right across your lash line.

When applying this line do not worry too much about getting a straight. Just the is is lined down at the base of your lashes, as you are going to smudge this in and blend it out using a small eye-brush or your finger to smudge.

How to Smudge eyeliner

If you do not want to use the Kohl pencil then any dark pencil or shadow would do, just make sure the pencil you are using is easy to apply and soft enough to blend.

Using The Double Ended Max Factor Smokey Eye Pencil

Double Ended Max Factor Smokey Eye Pencil

This product is so easy to use you can never make a mistake. Start with ‘STEP ONE’ which states on the product cap. Apply it straight onto your eye starting at the inner corner of your eye and work it way out about halfway across the eyelid, then smudge and blend.

Step Two

Take the darker side which states on the eye-shadow pencil. Starting at the end corner this time and work inwards, then with an eye shadow brush just blend the edges up into the crease of your eye. The tip is a good size and makes it easy to apply, and there is no set technique when applying it, just apply it as if you are applying an eyeliner.

Very simple two step application that you can not go wrong with no matter how bad you are at doing a smokey eye effect.

NOTE: If you are doing your makeup up for an office or a soft daytime smokey eye look, you could even leave it there as it is not too intense and is quite subtle enough to wear every day during the day.

But if you are doing your smokey makeup for the evening time and want to ramp it up a little bit more and add a bit more dramatic look.

Go back to your Kohl Pencil and again just feather a line across into the bottom lashes. Do not worry about having a straight line, just do short little feathery strokes as you are going to smudge it in again anyway.

So basically just repeat what you did to the upper lash line and smudge that line in, it is that easy.

TIP: When you’re doing smokey eyes do the eyes first foundation second. This is done you do not have control of spillage and messing up your foundation while doing your smoky eye, it is a basic tip for beginners anyway. But it is up to you how you feel is best for you when doing your makeup.

Extra Step

You can go back to STEP ONE and take the light colour right up by the brow bone for instant drama, instant eye lift, and you can also just give it a little dot in the corner of your eye. Just to give it a modern look and opens up your eyes.

Finish It Off

Max Factor Smokey Effect

You can finish this off with also another Max Factor product which is the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. With this mascara sweep it along the bottom lashes and then go downwards on each individual lash

The your top lashes, give it a good little wiggle right at the bottom of your top lashes and take it all the way to the end (top).

But when you are doing this do not just do them all in up-wards motion. Do the center ones upwards and the sides sweep them outwards diagonally. This will really open up your eyes a lot more than if you just took them up. You can do that only if you like the idea or effect on you, it is not a must.

So if you like the look, then just leave it there. If you want it to last a little bit longer just go over the top with a really light dusting eye-powder. Go for earthy shadow tunes, this will just set it to last longer.

Apply it soft and just a bit using the powder over the dark cream applied, and marry each of them together so it can last a bit longer during the day.

With this product you can achieve smoky eyes in a variety of colours as they offer more than one colour.

Max Factor Smokey Eye Effect Eyeshadow Review and Final Thoughts

For starts this product has been discontinued from Max Factor website and high street drug stores, so you can only find it online as it is quite an old product. But the reason for the review was requested by quite a few subscribers, so I thought since I have used the product why not write about it.

It is a very easy to use and fast application creamy pencil. If you just want a quick simple smokey eye with no technique required. You can also apply any eye shadows on it and do your own twist as it is  easy. It is really for newbies to smoke their eyes quick and easy.

The actual colours are very vibrant and shiny and quit a few to choose from. It can last roughly six or seven hours since applied. But it dose crease if you do not use a primer before application and a powder after application.

I recommend this product for lazy makeup do’ers and not for someone that actually wants a very good effect for their smokey eye. The Max Factor Smokey Eye Effect Eyeshadow is a nice convenient product and is a cream rather than a powder pencil.

You are able to use your finger to blend everything out unlike with powder eye-shadows which are a little bit more technical. You will need to use few brushes to actually blend it all in or use your finger to blend it all out.

The only problem that I have with this product you have to set it with powder if you want it to last longer, which if you are very lazy and you just bought this because you just wanted to do one and two steps and you are out of the door, then probably you need to rethink.

Yes it is quick, easy and simple and good for non makeup artists and people on the go, but might need a bit of touching up to get the maximum effect of the product.

When using a powder on top the effect is going to decrease the intensity of the color so you might want to pack on a little bit more if you are going to use a powder on top.

I hope you guys enjoyed the Max Factor Smokey Eye Effect Eyeshadow review on and if you have any comments, suggestions leave them down below.

If you want to know how to do smokey eye for beginners in an easy simple way using other products, you can read the article here: Smokey Eyes For Beginners

Model Outcome Looks

These two application pictures have been done in the simplest way, with no makeup techniques used to show you as much as possible how it would look like on you and what it looks when a non makeup artist or average person puts them on.

While the top picture has few simple technique add to the application which I stated in this post.

Smoky Eye Max Factor


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