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Eye Wrinkle Care

Eye Wrinkle Care

Eye wrinkles are inevitable and can not be stopping as this area of our face or body has less collagen, most fragile and loses moisture as we age, but with the right products and essential eye-care you can slow the process down dramatically.

Here I am going to share with you the most essential Best Anti-Wrinkle Eye Care hacks and advice, and before we start, the first three steps you need to take whether you want to follow my advice or not is to use SPF 30 (as minimum) sunscreen everyday whether sunny or not to save you from harmful UV rays, clean and moisturise your face on a regular bases and stop smoking or being near smokers.

So as the three main pillars are set, I go on saying that whether you are concerned about crows feet, under eye wrinkles or dark circles and bags, it is very important to have a good nutritional diet which  will help in rejuvenating your skin.

Best Anti Wrinkle Eye Care Advice and Techniques

Essential Eye Care

As we said before that the skin around our eyes has a tendency to get fine lines and wrinkles because there are no oil glands in the skin the is directly beneath and above your eyes, and that it also has less collagen the other areas of the face.

For that reason you should always use a cream designed just for that area, to keep your skin moisturized. To effectively and economically use your eye cream; put four drops of the cream on to your skin under each eye from below the pupil to the outer corner at the so called crows feet area and pat genitally into place.

One Shot Wonder

If you want to go down the quick effect route and want a celebrity beauty secret product that celebrities use to help them look glamours and as if they have not aged a bit. There is an innovative gel called Laresse, which is available for small eyebrow creases and wrinkly crow’s feet. It is made in a lab rather than from human or animal sources and it has been praised for its super smooth results.

Herbal Eye Treatment

Reduce puffy or swollen eyes by using green tea compress as a herbal eye treatment. Make some green tea in a cup as you would with any tea, wait for it to cool down (careful it might be boiling hot) then dip some cotton wool into the green tea.

Drain off any excess tea moisture, then dab gently around your eye area and on your eye lids, you can also leave them on for a bit and relax. This will help tighten the skin around your eyes and reduce any puffy or swollen eyes you may have.

Don’t have green tea, then you can use red (English Breakfast) tea as an alternative, it is also so good if you have hay-fever effecting your eyes and are very itchy, this dose wonders!

Smooth Fine Eye Lines

After a night out with friends in a smoky atmosphere, eyes can become tired and red. Soothe them by gathering cucumber onto a muslin cloth. Wrap it up like a tortilla wrap and hold it gently against your eyes.

The enzymes in the cucumber will help to reduce swelling and smooth out fine lines.

Gently Dose It

I can not stress enough that the skin around your eyes is very delicate and removing makeup before bedtime should be done with an oil-based makeup remover using a small cotton wool pad and cotton buds (Q-tips).

Clean the area around the eye and up to your brows by dabbing gently without rubbing to reduce the damage caused to your skin when you rub your eyes or wipe them.

Drink To Banish Dark Circles

Improving your circulation and keeping your body hydrated by drinking water throughout the day is key. This will help reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, solving the problem of dark circles through a healthy practice such as drinking water, will produce longer lasting results than trying to disguise it with cosmetic products which give only a short term fix.

Strengthen Your Under Eye Capillaries

Some under-eye creams such as Hylexin contain ingredients that are meant to help strengthen the capillaries that leak blood under your eyes and cause the dark black and blue tints. Make sure the formulas include ingredients that support elastin and collagen too, as these will help firm the skin and improve its ability to spring back.

Wake Up With Refreshed Eyes

Keep a bottle of toning eye makeup remover in the fridge, and then use the solution to gently clean your eyes in the morning. The cold chilled eye makeup remover will help de-puff your eyes as well as clean the area.

Pad Your Eyes

There are several under-eye beauty pads on the market that contain powerful botanical, such as soybean extracts that have the ability to temporarily reduce puffiness and dark circles after a week. They are contoured to the under-eye area and you will need to wear them for about 30 minutes a day to see best results.

De-Puff Eyes With A Massage

To reduce puffy eyes after a long night, you can massage your eye area by  doing small circular motions with your fingers on your face. This will help clear the lymphatic drainage system and de-puff tired eyes and skin. Always Massage away from he centre of your face in a symmetrical way from forehead to temple, nose to ears and chin to jawbone.

You can use facial oil to do this to make it a smooth as possible and not damage your facial skin by massaging it when its dry.

Use Extra Pillows

If you get a chance in the morning and have some time to spare, slip an extra pillow under your head for 15 minutes before you get up out of bed, for a fresh faced way to start your day.

All You Need For Your Eye Care Routine

Eye wrinkles develop due to age, too much exposure to sun light, smoking, repeated facial gestures, poor genes, unhealthy diet and lack of care to the skin around your eyes. There are many anti-wrinkle eye creams, serums, and diet supplements available to counter that if you are looking for a natural way to get rid of your eye wrinkles or at least halt the process to some extent.

But the truth is; you can not avoid eye wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin around the eyes, only with creams and natural eye remedies. At some point of your life you will have to go under the knife, such as cosmetic surgery, lasers, chemical peels or fellers.

As creams and serums do work but they will not completely eliminate 100% of your eye wrinkles, and by using and applying the steps I have stated and listed on this post will help reduce or slow down under-eye wrinkles.

Also know that genes play a part in the aging process of the eyes, and this is why it is important to care for your eyes as much as possible, as they also can give away your age or present you older than you are. It is an area that is the most likely to show earlier signs of aging making you feel self-conscious and maybe worried about your looks and that you are aging.

This is why it is very important to look after and care for your eyes, if you can not buy expensive eye creams or can not have eye treatments, then there are cheaper eye creams out there that might not give the same effect but still work and help suppress the process, you can also use natural remedies such as home made eye masks.

These masks can be made at home using fruits, teas and many other products, which I will share with you on a different post and place the link below. In the mean time I hope you had something of benefit from this article and will now add eye care to your beauty routine.

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