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Seasonal Skincare

Seasonal Skincare

Seasonal Skincare Tips For Winter

Winter in officially here and it brings with it a set of challenges to our skin especially the face as it is the most exposed part of our body during winter. So as the winter season gets colder it is worth adding a few perks to your skin care routine, as many of us can benefit from a skincare upgrade or boost to combat the freezing months, even if you can only make one change to your winter skincare routine, it would be a great benefit to your winter skin.

Perk Up Winter Skin

In extreme weather conditions cell renewal slows down, resulting in the skin thickening to protect itself and become less vibrant. To stop your skin becoming flat and gray use super hydrating serums packed with hyaluronic acid to nourish and re-moisturize.

Wise Up To Winter

Harsh weather can lead to broken capillaries in the skin, caused by constant constricting and dilating of the blood vessels as you go from extreme cold outside to central heating inside. To support and strengthen capillary walls, increase your intake of vitamin C or use a serum containing high doses of vitamin C.

Keep Out Of The Wind

Strong winds are harmful as they cause moisture to evaporate, leaving skin dry, red and flaky. A skin cream that contains soy will form a protective barrier against the elements and give intense hydration to dry and itchy skin.

Overnight Hydration

During the night the skin rests and repairs itself after the stresses of the day. Use a humidifier or place a damp towel over your radiator at night to replace moisture in the dry winter air and keep the skin hydrated. This helps to humidify the air around you and reduce excessive water loss from the skin.

Turn Off The Heat

Winter skin suffers from too much time spent indoors in a dry atmosphere. Healthy skin has a water content of between 10% and 20% and central heating sucks natural moisture out, leaving skin dry and dull-looking. Lower the temperature of your heating and increase your intake of water.

Waterproof Your skin

Older skin needs a protective barrier to guard against cold weather and moisture loss. Look for a humectant cream that provides environment protection and contains lipids and fatty acids to trap and retain moisture.

Extreme Weather Flush

Traveling between cold exteriors and warm interiors can create a flushed red-faced complexion straining blood vessels in the skin, which change size rapidly as the temperature fluctuates. Find a cream that contains peptides to help plump up skin so the broken veins don’t show.

Try A Treatment Mask In Winter

Winter climates see a decline in the production of lipids (skin oils that seal in moisture). To compensate try a revitalizing mask that contains a high amount of retinol, which stimulates elastin and collagen production, helping to plump up fine lines and even skin tone.

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